Tuesday, 15 March 2016

iPad apps for schools, to mark Shakespeare's 400th Anniversary and Shakespeare Week

If you don’t know already, the 23rd April 2016 is being marked as 'celebrating 400 years of Shakespeare's legacy' and also, 14th - 20th March 2016 is National Shakespeare Week. There are some great resources on the official website, and we have made our apps half-price in celebration too.

http://www.reflectivethinking.com/digitalmysteries-ipad/12http://www.reflectivethinking.com/digitalmysteries-ipad/12http://www.reflectivethinking.com/digitalmysteries-ipad/61They are called Digital Mysteries and are for iPads. We have them for A Midsummer Night’s Dream (11-16), Romeo & Juliet (11-16) and Macbeth (14-16). Each consists of one open question on the play, e.g. ‘Which of the characters in 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream' possess the most power?’ and 15-30 slips of information to help them answer it. There are additional sub-questions provided which you can ask too! They come with built in differentiation (easy/medium/hard), so you can easily more suit them to each group.

What’s different about using mysteries to explore Shakespeare?
  • Truly collaborative – more than one student can interact with the tech at once plus working in groups ensures lively discussion on these important English topics and the themes within them
  • Engaging – students learn about Shakespeare plays in an interactive way rather than passively reading a chunk of text; topics are split up into snippets with pictures so they’re easier to digest
  • Retention – users are asked to create groups and think of names for them then lay them out in a sequence… these two different perspectives of looking at the same information mean they remember more
  • Deep learning – multiple discussion points and the open-ended nature of questions help students get fully immersed in the task

Three ways to try it now:

Want to create your own iPad activities? Click here for new tool, the Thinking Kit.

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