Friday, 24 April 2015

UK election resource for 11-14s

Where should Grace put her X on May 7th?
Free PSHE/Citizenship resource for KS3

It is election time. Wherever you look there are politicians aiming to win you over. Debates, Q and As, sensationalist headlines, tweets and Facebook posts are all around us. But while young people in our schools may be aware of something important going on, how engaged are they?

Academics at Newcastle University wanted to involve 11-14 year olds in the election – it is an ideal way to introduce them to politics and parliament. It is also something they can then easily discuss with their parents when they get home too. They approached us to create a free iPad app, which is now ready to download – just click here or search ‘election mystery’ on the App Store. Email for a PDF version or click here for a Windows PC/laptop free trial.

You may think ‘oh, another attempt to interest young people’, but this time, it’s different. The app tells the story of the election through an 18 year old called Grace Feng. Bright, illustrated slips of information fill the screen which explain her background and interests plus some of her aims in life and the opinions of her family and friends. Students must use these to develop an understanding of her as a person then with this, decide who she should vote for.

Image of two students using the app
A teacher at Greenfield Community College is using the app - he said “It is more essential than ever to get young people engaged in the political process and the future of our country. As a school we are running a topical scheme of work through our 'time for success' on politics and the election. When we were told about the app, it seemed the ideal task to support this. Students can engage in their own time - as a homework task - or work through the mystery in lessons.”

Three options to use this free resource:

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