Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Inspiring media/English students with Cannes film festival

'Festival de Cannes 2015' runs from 13th-24th May this year - what an engaging way to immerse students in various topics, one being 'target audience'.

There will be lots of coverage about the festival and it provides a great spotlight for lesser-known, upcoming films.

Our free task, Chugley Film Club, has been created specifically for 11-16 year olds. It helps students apply their knowledge of the concept of target audience and demographics. They do this through the scenario of Mr. Spine, who lives in a village called Chugley, running the local film club. Students are asked to help him decide on a suitable film for the other residents.

The resource recommends setting a homework or pre-session activity for students to gather a list of films. They will then carry out the task and in doing so, select which of their films is most suitable for the people of Chugley. One idea is rather than have the list they must gather general, you could say to narrow it down to former Cannes film festival winners, this year's nominees or films by previous winners' starring actors.

You can use this task completely free, in one of three ways:
  •  iPad app: read more and download here
  • Windows PC/laptop: download a free one-month trial here
  • PDF: email info@reflectivethinking.com for a PDF copy which you can print out

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