Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Back to school: 30% discount

If you haven't heard of Thinking Kit before, it is a quick way for teachers and students to create their OWN activities for iPads quickly and simply. It comes in two parts – the creator, which can be used on any browser on any device, and the free iPad app (which is how tasks get downloaded onto iPads).

 Please see this short video for an introduction:

So many different types of activities can be created. They can be as simple as sorting animals into different categories or moving images and facts from a historical era into a timeline. Problem-solving scenarios are another example, making it the perfect tool to encourage discussion. The kit can be used with any subject too so it's really versatile. As the content is added by users, it also means the kit can be used with anyone age 7+.

Teachers can create tasks quickly for the next/same day, or students can create tasks for their peers to solve - in their class, or even in another country if they make their task public!

We are offering a special 30% discount on all subscriptions of the Thinking Kit Creator until 30th September 2016. To get the discounted price, when you go to pay, simply add the code backtoschool to the Discount Code field and click Apply. If you want to pay by an alternative method, please email info@reflectivethinking.com and quote the code.

For more information, please see www.thinking-kit.com, explore our blog for example of how it has been used, or email us!

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