Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Teacher wellbeing series

I’m not sure about where you are in the world right now, but here, I definitely feel like Christmas is close. Festive songs are playing on the radio and many houses I drive by are lit up or there are subtle glimpses of trees behind many curtains.

It’s a busy time for everyone, but for teachers, it’s almost a race against time: end-of-term activities, work, tests, projects, nativities, plays, carol concerts, charity days, reviews etc. etc. This list is excluding the mania in your actual, personal life too! So I thought, what better time to do a 3-part ‘teacher wellbeing’ series via email?

Sign up at the link below (completely free) and I will email you a wellbeing graphic to help you now, but also something that will be useful all through 2017 and forever more. Then Thursday 15th, I'll email another, then your third on 22nd. These include de-stress tips and how teachers can get better sleep..

To sign up for this free email series, please email natalie@reflectivethinking.com with the subject ‘Teacher wellbeing’ OR click through to sign-up via our form.

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