Thursday, 4 December 2014

The power of Christmas

There’s been a gradual influx of fairy lights, trees being decorated and Santa’s Grottos popping up. Then of course this week, doors of advent calendars – adorned with the faces of Elsa, Harry or Rudolph – started being opened. It’s a very busy time for schools with rehearsals, fairs and end-of-term activities, but also an exciting one for students.

With the magic of Christmas already in their minds, it can be an ideal time for Religious Education. This way, something that often seems un-exciting to children becomes relevant and relatable. Nativities have been part of schedules for years and years of course, but how often do students sit down and discuss what they understand of the meaning behind it all?

A combination of a good story with a fun time of year can be the perfect way to improve students’ speaking and listening skills and collaboration, at the same time as developing religious vocabulary.

This is when I introduce you to a FREE, unique, problem-solving task called Baboushka. Small groups are given 24 brightly illustrated slips (or less depending on level chosen) to read together. They then arrange their ideas into groups and begin to come up with an answer to ‘Why didn’t Baboushka follow the Kings to Bethlehem?’

While the activity covers many R.E. objectives, such as talking about the Christmas story and the impact it has had on the world, it also points directly to the English curriculum. In addition, the opportunities for discussion are endless. The engagement of the story teamed with its topical nature, means students are developing lots of skills and knowledge without even realising.

You can use this task (for KS1 or 2 depending on level chosen) in one of two ways:
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  • Free PDF of the slips, with a guide on how to use them in class
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