Wednesday, 30 November 2016

FREE Thinking Kit activity - School Uniform Debate

School Uniform Debate activity

In our free Thinking Kit App, you can download activities created by us, those shared by other educators (or even learners) or those that you have created yourself. To do so:
  1. Download the app (click here or search Thinking Kit App on the App Store).
  2. Launch the app, tap Educator, then New Session then 'Download task'.
  3. Enter the Task Code (6 for the school uniform task or click here for other activities).
More information about the School Uniform Debate activity

Subject: English
Topic: Literacy, Speaking, Listening, Debates, Balanced arguments, Persuasive writing
Audience: 7 - 11 year olds
Question: Which side of the argument do you agree with? What reasons do you have and would you be able to convince someone else?
Author: Chris Birch
Task Code: 6

This is an activity outlined on that we have transformed into a Thinking Kit activity. Chris Birch (author) recommends that rules for debating are discussed before you start. Following the debate, an idea would be to write a piece of persuasive writing.

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