Thursday, 30 June 2016

Tool to create iPad activities introduced at the Farmington Institute’s 2016 conference

This week, Thinking Kit was introduced at the Farmington Institute’s 2016 conference. The tool, which allows teachers and students to create their own ‘card sorting’ activities for iPads, was discussed by Katharine Hutchinson - the Director of CPD and Head of Humanities at Chesterton Community College.

Katharine has been using Thinking Kit since its first version. After stumbling upon our iPad apps, Digital Mysteries, she gave us a call and we mentioned that we had a ‘create your own activities’ tool coming soon. Katharine loved the idea so much, she has been using it since it was in testing stage, and has helped shape it into what it is today.

Having been very enthusiastic about the tool since the start, Katharine is now telling others about it. On Sunday 26th June, in her presentation with Becky Palmer, she talked about Thinking Kit and how she and her colleagues and students are using it:

The Farmington Institute is “funded to support, encourage and improve Religious Education in schools, colleges and universities” and Katharine is a Farmington Fellow 2015-16.

Katharine will also be talking about Thinking Kit at TeachMeet Cambridge 2016 on Friday 1st July at Chesterton Community College. This is an event to promote ‘high performance in schools’ and is completely free. It is split into two parts: a conference during the day, then a TeachMeet afterwards. For more information on this event, please click here or email

To try a 30 day free trial of Thinking Kit, please visit

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