Friday, 1 July 2016

A rounded and fair education for young people in the 21st-century

Researchers at Newcastle University are hosting a free event on building a ‘Community curriculum’. If you’re interested in a rounded and fair education for young people, then go along!

The event is on Friday 8th July from around 8.45am - 3.30pm, at The Herschel Learning Lab, Herschel Building, Newcastle University. Morning refreshments and lunch will be provided. The event is being hosted by the School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences @secl.

To register to come along, click here.

David Leat @davidjkleat (Professor of Curriculum Innovation) will introduce the event and be sharing ideas on the completed guide to community curriculum making. There will also be a keynote from Professor Mark Priestley @markrpriestley of Stirling University on ‘Teacher agency: creating the conditions for meaningful curriculum development’

From mid-morning to lunch, there will be table seminars that attendees can choose from. Some topics include, ‘Teachers and partners planning together’, ‘Working with industry’, ‘Finding resources in your community’ and ‘Using technology to support enquiry/project based learning’. Our director, and senior academic researcher at the university, Dr. Ahmed Kharrufa @ankharrufa, will be hosting one of the seminars.

The new ‘Herschel Learning Lab’, which is now open for bookings, can be explored on the day. The room is set to be used for collaborative activities which involve small groups of students working on tasks like problem-solving, debate and presentation preparation.

If you’d like to go along, register here. Click here for a map of where to go (building 17)

For a brilliant insight into the concept of community curriculum making and some real life examples, read this blog post by Kim Cowie @COWIEKIM.

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